'This Girl I Know’
For LL (01/04/2015)

This girl I know, she loves key lime.
We used to share one all the time.
And from her seat, beneath a hood,
her smile said, “I think it’s good!”
She wasn’t big on spoken words.
She pointed at the moon and birds;
And aeroplanes, balloons, and lambs.
Vocabulary on one hand.
Sometimes we’d stroll the river bank.
Admire fish outside their tank.
Or topple ice cream sundaes tall;
Or roll lopsided stones like balls.
She loved eggs scrambled, she loved her bath.
She’d race her 12-inch high giraffe.
And on some nights, her momma gone,
I’d sing and rock her into dawn.
This girl I know, she just turned three.
I feel much younger, when she’s with me.